Reply To: The denial of redemption

Chris W.


Thank you for this article. It was wonderfully written, and I love your use of the check mark and X mark, it proves your points very succinctly.

As a registrant I have experienced first hand the blatant discrimination against me because I’m on the registry. I have been denied internships for that reason alone when I knew they had space for me.

What people have to do is to continue to push through and not let rejection keep them from achieving their goals and dreams. Yes, we have many more hurdles to overcome than average ex-felons, but if a woman who was convicted of murdering her own child can become a PhD candidate at NYU, there’s hope for the rest of us too. We also need to have the courage to speak out (as NARSOL does and as this article is an example of). We have to encourage our friends and family members to speak out too, and to try and educate their friends when the issue of the registry comes up in conversation. We need to contact our representatives when new harmful bills are put up for consideration. We have to do these things knowing we’re on the right side and we have the Constitution on our side as well.