Reply To: NARSOL’s attorney wins important procedural due process case


In Colorado, as was pointed out during the podcast last Sept or Oct, certain categories are now denied even the legal right to petition for removal from the registry, even if the sentencing guidelines at the time specified that right at the 10 year mark. This legislated prohibition denies due process from a certain sub-groip or the sub-class of ex- offenders. Compounding one problem upon another. Yet, after contacting ever attorney’s office in the Metro areas of Denver and Colo Springs that even suggest they have an expertise in the area of sex crime defense, they all refuse to either consider taking up the case, or ask for huge amounts of money for a case that will simply get denied before it ever gets going. There is no justice when we are barred from even petitioning the court. Due process won’t happen if we never get a voice. It’s like we don’t exist if we can be so silenced. It’s frustrating to wait and see when some of us are truly dying off while denied hope. I’m hitting retirement age, but can’t retire because of poverty. God forbid I need long term care, because I’m barred from nursing homes. And, in my state, there is no Medicaid for the elderly. So…some us will die being patient. That’s not comforting at all.