Reply To: NARSOL’s attorney wins important procedural due process case


I am still baffled as to why we are not seeing more people suing the govt over due process as the entire concept of a registry itself is unconstitutional and in violation of our inalienable right to freedom and to pursue happiness. As far as due process goes. The entire concept of a registry suggests that you must register because you a danger to society when the ACTUAL TRUTH is that people who have been convicted of an offense that is sexual in nature are the LEAST likely to ever commit another crime and even less likely for it to be something sexual in nature. There is NO system or process that allows an individual to produce EVIDENCE and call on expert witnesses on their behalf. Once again violating an individual’s right to due process that a government can label someone a threat to society when they themselves have NO evidence to provide that even remotely backs up their claims. The even purpose of the registry is an absolute draconian law.

All of this information has been published for decades from our very own government resources and departments, of which are continually submitted to Congress and State Sentencing Commission’s stating this evidence. Yet I see no one arguing these facts. Our system is supposed to be about “EVIDENCE” – NOT – “THEORETICAL ARGUMENTS & DRACONIAN LOGIC”.

Why are we not attacking the issue at the actual source. Not the rules of registration, the REGISTRATION ITSELF IS THE ISSUE. I have mountains of information and published research papers, again, from our very own government. Put me in contact with someone who has some horsepower and can combat this thing.