Reply To: NARSOL’s attorney wins important procedural due process case

Matt S.

Reading this article lifted my spirits. To see how one man, and possibly so many more at a later date, was protected when the law stepped in and tried to punish him unfairly.

My only negative views regarding this article, are how so many are still deprived of their rights on a daily basis with no one to step in and help them. Most times with no chance for their voice and stories to be heard.

As for myself, in the state of Texas, I have no rights under the constitution. Police, courts and anyone else who wants to deprive me of basic rights are allowed to do so. When if the reason they were doing the things they do were for any reason other than being a registered citizen, they would not be allowed to occur. But I and possibly thousands of others have no voice. No protections. I even wonder if this comment will be allowed.

Which is why I want to publish a free to use app, that gives community support to all registered offenders. Allowing all registered citizens to post, comment, ask questions and get answers. Giving all of us a voice. Hopefully Narsol will support my idea.