Reply To: Criminal or civil? Right or wrong? Does anyone care?


Without rational thought. James I liked that. I believe at times we are all like the blind leading the blind. Now who has irrational thought today when we need rational thoughts today. Would one rather be foolish than to be concieted in thought or wisdom as some of these thinkers can say that say we all came from monkeys. We can all talk about hypocrities or those who think they are right all the time, but we all make mistakes and are disllusioned at times. Sure the sex offender in most cases is getting a bad deal. The kids growing up with parents that are under the registry may be bullied in a way. Has society as a norm has gotten off the tract in loving. Yes I’m sure we have all been lead astray.

Today would one rather hate than to love, care, bully, or understand his or her foolish mistake. Kids, well look at us are we not Kids only in adult bodies and we all have made mistakes. When anyone misuses a child, even an adult, we all need to stand up. Now people can believe their self-righteousness but were does faith and true understanding come into play.Who wants to be wise in their own conceit. Yes we will all make mistakes untill we die unless we all learn to come to grips with our situation. NARSOL and other groups are in their fighting to help in all this battle so families can come together and the sex offender is not considered the lowest of the low. So should love cover a lot of hate or should rational reasoning and understanding be the norm.