Reply To: On the registry? Do you know everything you should?


My case is very well known in Pennsylvania. At 19, I got my girlfriend pregnant. She was 15.. We got married with parental consent when she turned 16. We had 3 children and were married 14 1/2 years.

One day she met a man online and she moved in with him. He was a PA State Trooper and after arguing about child custody (He was not happy about every weekend was mine Court Ordered) he himself arrested me for Aggravated Indecent Assault, Indecent Assault, Corruption of minors FOR MY WIFE when she was 15 and pregnant.

I was sent to county jail with $500,000 bail.

I was told that I was looking at minimum 20-40 years or I could ple bargain and get 4 years.

I was thinking okay, 4 years, I already have a year in, that won;t be as bad as 20-40. So I took the plea bargain.

I then found out that it was 4 years minimum and 8 years maximum.

I found out while in prison that my public defender was BEST FRIENDS with the arresting officer (my wife’s new boyfriend).
It get’s better.

Then I found out my charges were from 1994, 2 years before Pa Megan’s Law even started AND I also found out that 2 of the charges were BLOCKED by 42 Pa Cs 5552 (Statute of Limitations).

I put in my PCRA.

The Judge Masland of Cumberland County Pennsylvania refused to file his opinion in the case. He has had SEVERAL complaints about him regarding his personal treatment of sex offenders in Court lodged against him with the PA Ethics Board.

I did a writ of habeaus corpus against him to file his opinion, Superior Court GRANTED it and ORDERED him to write an opinion. He did. 4 days after my maximum sentence expired. making it in Pennsylvania a MOOT point.

I appealed to PA Supreme Court who ruled that since the sentence expired they had no jurisdiction BUT they did AGREE that the entire case should have been thrown out.

I am now on registry for LIFE because I married my wife and had 3 kids.

That’s Pennsylvania justice.