Reply To: NARSOL in Vancouver at ATSA conference


This “racket” is very obvious, yet it is openly permitted. Case in point…he Colorado law (defeated) that would have barred those profiting from “treatment” from simultaneously being on the management board. This clear conflict of interest allows those who profit to decide what a registrant must purchase in order to be compliant. What a self-serving role that is! And, when exposed, and legislation is put in place to control what would obviously be biased rule making, Colorado looks the other way and the law goes on the trash heap. If the persons who are at risk of harm from self-serving rule makers we’re not the hated class labeled as sex offenders, the public outcry would surely be there. But instead, people get reelected and applauded for being tough on crime, tough in RSOs, and saving children from a myhical boogie man. As one who caught his case in Colorado and had to be under the scrutiny of the so called ‘management board” I have seen this exclusive club that controls, profits, and inflicts their bias upon the registered population. And believe me, it is a club. When I worked in the helping fields prior to my own fall, I saw how politically strong they are, and how closed they are to outsiders.
Sanity is what we are waiting for. And I do believe it’s not likely that we will find it in the bureaucracy that seeks only to preserve itself. About the only hope is in intelligent judge’s and an informed citizenry. Any good advice on how to rally support without calling down more hate, risk to family, or loss of employment that anyone can offer, let’s hear that, and get some level of cohesive movement. NARSOL is obviously the best place to launch such a collective effort. I would love some marching orders, so to speak, that the average registered person can follow. Any ideas? Please?