Reply To: Criminal or civil? Right or wrong? Does anyone care?


That last part of the article, “First, we vilify a group of people because they are the most hated of the day. Then we carve out exceptions to the rules that apply to everyone, except our most hated, Then we vilify those rules, the same ones we adored and relied upon for others, since there is no principled way to justify depriving them to one group and not another, unless the rules themselves create the evil that allows the most hated to avoid the consequences the unduly passionate demand be imposed.

Then we wait for a generation or so to grieve over the errors of our ways again, and ponder how we could have been so blind and foolish to repeat the same mistake. And yet, we keep doing so because there is always some category so vile and despised that it’s unworthy of fairness.” Sounds all to frighteningly familiar to what once happened to the Jews in Germany. Rally hatred, stir up a scapegoat to focus all societal angst in in fear based direction, destoy collective empathy, and increase the power of those who would rule the masses. Scary stuff. Hopefully, the positive outcome will be such an egregious overreach that the Supreme Court will be xpelled to act rationally to protect the constitutional rights of citizens. If not, and hopefully the citizenry will rise up and scream enough is enough. I hope I live long enough to see it.