Reply To: Criminal or civil? Right or wrong? Does anyone care?


@Scott G,

To be sure a defendant in an FTR case, or failure to provide information cases are presumed guilty ( of sexual illegality) before trial ensues for the civil infraction. In reality the jury already knows guilt of another previous sex crime or there’s no necessity to register in the first place.

It is nearly impossible for an already established sex offender to get a constitutional trial in registration violation cases AND it is based upon known guilt. The people do the same with felon in possession of fire arms cases. Guilt of possession by trial based upon previous guilt.
Judge Blackmon had something to say about that very illogical error in his decent opinion in the first challenge law banning felons from possessing guns. He expressed the fact “a law” will not deter nor prevent bad guys from attaining guns, thus obfuscation of constitutional and ratified government limitation was not warranted as no added public safety would flow. How exactly correct was he on that score.