Reply To: “No increased risk to children on Halloween” says NARSOL


I might be several weeks late in comenting about this “Haunted Jail House” tour but I’m sure all have made comments to their extent but on the other hand their are many different issues. One person said a police publicity stunt or to getting recognization, Fred suggested to some to get involved to help put an end or ease up on some of this confusion about the sex offender. The main challange to me is that all this is about others over- loading one’s conscience. Call it scare tatics or invading one’s right by locking others up in jail for the halloween rush.

Sure our conscience can convict us if we let it. Maybe in simple terms we all should say “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf” Seems to me in this jail house tour that we are all dealing with two types of people. The one’s that actually have victims and the ones via the internet that are set up by police or law enforcement. Now I don’t much like halloween myself. Sure it was nice back in the 80’s and 90’s but when the 2000’s came about and we get older we sometimes lose interest.

Sure there is always going to be the bogy man or someone wanting to put fear in others but their’s nothing to fear but fear itself and by all mean’s stay off those spicy sites as you never know when deputy dog is around or disquising themself in a lot of this pretend to win game and yes law enforcement will do everything to win. Truth and honesty is a lot better in all situations.