Reply To: David Pakman Comes Out Against Registry

William Stallworth

As a sex offender that has been on the registry since 2009, I often get beyond aggravated just thinking that out of every single criminal offense in the United States, every single one of them basically vanish once you serve your sentence except sex offenders. We are the only group of “criminals” that serve a life sentence no matter what. I’m in Georgia and due to my level, I will have the opportunity in 2022 to appeal to the courts to be removed from the list. However, nobody has been successful since 2013. Hence, this is basically eternal dam nation.

I am a great person that made a HUGE mistake in life as so many others like me. I served zero jail time for my offense and 3 years supervised probation with zero offenses. I have reported as the law prescribes yearly and never missed a beat. I have a son that goes to school every day. I refuse to take him or pick him up. I refuse to participate in any of his school activities. I also have a daughter and granddaughter. I refuse to go to see any children’s movies at the theater. I refuse to go to parks. When I was going to church, I refused to be anywhere but in the sanctuary where everyone could see me. If there was a special children’s program, I didn’t show up. If I am in a public bathroom and a child walks in, I basically freeze with fear! This, I’m sure isn’t just my life but many others as well. But why? Why should we have to live every moment of the rest of our lives in fear? No other “criminal” has to!?!?!