Reply To: Watch Debate – Should the Sex Offender Registry be Abolished?

Steve Jobs inc.

Hello, to the very few that may pay attention… I have been dead for some time from cancer. Though i come to you into tthe future to bring a new lline to the debate at issue of the sex offender registry. Both sides have stired unproductive ways but only to gain access to the public to make an excuse to tweek it several more times but not to actually prevent pre-crime nor to prevent recidivism with a leading constitutional arguement. Well while on the brink of New World Order, population control, and increase of a civil collaps that Stephon Hawkings pursued to understood and explained in good detail to even the CIA and an international commity. So maybe to be analysed is how and what is needed to crontrol crime itself but also for all crime to bear a precrime control and preventative measures. Societal philosophy is of free speech but not free to actions that lead to crime. So for start i bring to you an idea that Apple inc. Has a up incoming I-Safe technology that is undetectable by the public but is only monitered by law inforcement task forces only. So there are free and safe energy technology like magnetics charging cell phones and micro like size GPS and Micro phone combo devices. These devices of such technology can be put in buttons, rings, eye glasses, contacts, injected intonthe body, in hair ties, ect. There is also in process soft wearfor concerned parents to use this technology to have with there childrens gear and can be monitered by the parents but always by the task forces. So we have been developing signs for predicting precrime on sex crimes as well and also developing artificial intelligences which like A.I. Sophia to help moniter with these precrime task forces in a wide spectrum . So with 5G Network developing this ISafe technology can be merely invisible to the public and can be in band width miles away from a tower linking to a celluar device automatically that is in distances of ten to fifety miles between ISafe technology and even a cellular phone. So in starts all criminals can be the use for this technology and with in a year we will have a full spectrum of control of precrime. So Aplle inc. would like to see tech buolders and designers compete for not just the best device but the best secure softwear available for the one world order and one world currency and laws. This will deminish crime and create a fair life style geared more for equality and less harm from one in person or even in a distance of say like cyber atrack or crime itself. So I am wanting to have this debate Dec.-24-2018 to start off and set future dates on better equality technology based on secure monitering and adjusting to precrime and consequences to prevent worse. Please email the Apple company custumer services to inquire in your offer of design of a technology and softwear format so before we put ours out sometime in 2019 that we adjust to the publics design and offers and the top three best will have a large offer of electronic secured money with CRED. Please place your name on a public vote and subscriptionto watch the debate. It is $5.00 to watch the debates each time and with your correct name and information you will be give gift offers for the opening to this upcoming society technology. Thankyou for reading and we in the Apple inc. will be happy to have you care for your community and future childrens upbringing and surroundings in society.

Sincerely your past developer;
Steve Jobs
And APPLE Inc.