Reply To: From Independence to Houston; NARSOL announces next conference


I’m saddened to hear bickering over a cake and the nature of the conference. Conferences are important so that there is a unified focus and reduction of redundent efforts unknowingly missing an opportunity for synergy. More important to me, however, as I read some posts is the vitriol that leaked out. We all feel angry and frustrated, somewhat powerless, etc. over the horrible abuse our government has heaped upon us and our families. But to pick at nits without full understanding is a but like those “misinformed” vigalantes that seem to pop up everywhere with an opinion that attacks without forethought. I rejoice that NARSOL has worked ten years to bring the change we are seeing. And I also hope that it won’t take ten more years to retire the need for NARSOL. As we wait and work, I hope we can all offer each other the benefit if the doubt that we personally are deprived of daily. Conferences are powerful times of strategy and focus, growth and information. As a professional, I never regret paying huge fees to attend a conference in my field, and do not begrudge those who attend with hope in bettering some part if the lives of others. Let’s play nice and show the world how it should be done.