Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


@ Terry Brunson
The bad lawyer I had supposedly wanted to hire another lawyer in Colorado to get the information that I already provided, your right, he was going to take every dime from me so that I would be stuck and still on the registry, he had the hots for the DA lady, As soon as I got the good lawyer she knew the gig was up, I’m not law smart like you Terry so the lawyer root was what I had to do, I didn’t feel confident doing the mandamus, Muniz was the first major savior, Reed, Darhamer and the rest were the starters, Butler may not win because of the election year, my good attorney told me he may not stand a chance do to elections, he could be wrong though.. But you Terry, you will be the one, I believe you will make it to scotus, I believe pasc will hear you and rull in favor but psp will appeal to scotus, Pa will be in a stay the whole 9, the ending will be a much more complex ruling which may have a wide spread good effect.