Reply To: Wrapping up Halloween for another year — and looking forward


You guys are doing a fine job. Before your intervention I remember buying a house in a small town in Texas. The wife and I were elated to finally be at a place in our life where we could own home. As it has seemed to be for me more often than not my best moments quickly turn into my worst. I was told by the local law enforcemwnt that if I tried to live in my house I would be thrown in jail. There was nothing close to my house but a senior living facility meeting hall that some times had underage visitors. Now mind you I’ve been on the registry since I was about 19 or 20. Most of my adult life has been spent under the yoke of hate and intolerance and subject to a daily dose of media which mirrors the same sentiment. I even researched or tried to find perhaps even another country to live in but quickly realized that the united states of prison has made it so you couldnt even,leave if you wanted to. (Unless you are wealthy which is unlikely for many of us)
Its good to see somebody well equipped and able to take a stance for a group of people that nobody seems to be willing to be humane to. People used to understand that certain rights can never be alienated for any citizen no matter how much you despise them. (Hence enalienable rights are quite alienable) Its a slippery slope and eventually others will join us there. Thanks for your hard work.