Reply To: Sex offender Halloween lock up? Ridiculous, wasted effort says NARSOL

Irene Rubio

These men were given a sentence for what they did or did not do,we are not here to judge,people need to leave the courts be the judge. Georgia mayor is only being so illiterate about sex offenders and people need to always keep their child in their care and dont leave them un attended as people do. I as a grown person have been at a Sex offenders Treatment facility,and alot of them were normal people,and respectful.They all had different cases,but they are not monsters and yet people are given the incorrect information especially during these Elections/ votes. They even have secret prisons for them. These men whom go to therapy and are low risk should be given a chance to Live Life,as a sex offender it will be hard,and move forward. They are people whom made bad decisions.They are being kept in Prison for all their sentence and us Tax payers are paying the bill. Texas Prisons are Full,yet they are kept locked up.Where is the rehabilitation ,reform from Tdcj???