Reply To: “No increased risk to children on Halloween” says NARSOL


I am not and or do i no nothing about a sex offender but what i do know is that there treated like a piece of shit and when they get into trouble with this the system lies and is nothing but crooked to keep them in jail or prison and this is injustice and sex offenders need to stand up for them selves just because someone doesn’t like someone doesn’t mean the system should be able to just walk all over these people.there human to.if being a younger person the system leaves you out on the street and could not give a rats ass about you, to me its just plain wrong.theres people car jacking shooting people and killing people, kids and the list goes on and on and people who get lesser penalty than a sex offender just dead wrong.these people killing should have a worse penalty then a sex offender.not all sex offenders are going to reoffend you can give me statistics that say they do reoffend i do not and never will agree this is all about the system making money and people who don’t agree don’t comment on this to are a complete dumb ass and i don’t want to hear about it.