Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued

terry brunson

Chuck you are rolling along, will be on the done side soon. Chuck thank you for all your support since we meet. I got a decline from the King’s bench 122 MM 2018. The PASC court is not a court where you have a right to be heard. They choose the case they want to hear.

The case I have in the Commonwealth court is in wait of the PSP opposition brief due 2 November 2018.

in my brief i am pointing out that an amendment in not a new enactment of law on an amendment if you can get that.

ACT 10 “I” is an amendment of SORNA “H” which is the purported law on sex offenses of registration.

SORNA is the main law. that has been amended in an illegal way. Then on the Amendment of ACT 10 comes ACT 29 which they call an enactment of the amendment to confuse us.

However, Pa. Constitution Article 3 Section 6 is the meter on amendments and enactments:

§ 6. Revival and amendment of laws.
No law shall be revived, amended, or the provisions thereof
extended or conferred, by reference to its title only, but so
much thereof as is revived, amended, extended or conferred shall
be re-enacted and published at length.

ACT 10 was never re-enacted, it is an amendment of SORNA in attack of MUNIZ

ACT 29 in the enactment of ACT 10 – Now the superior Appeals court is in a confused state of two things

1. That Former Megan’s Laws are still enforceable because the collateral consequence of sex offender registration is not yet constable under ACT 10 or ACT 29 in PCR courts. But under the Habeus Corpus Collateral consequences are constable by restrictions that are more onerous than when they first was given.

ACT 10 and ACT 29 claim non punitive form – one must show punitive elements of ACT 10 and ACT 29.

The PSP is making it seem as ACT10 and 29 are rosies laws that are not punishment to anyone.

But that was not my issue to fight.

I am trying to bring down the Statutory Construction ACT issue. and the all former Megan’s Laws were expired 12-20-12 and ACT 10 and ACT 29 call pre-SORNA people to register who’s former Megan’s Law provisions have expired 12-20-12 to put Pa. in AWA compliance.