Reply To: The ruling that changed everything (and nothing at all)


Like so many other incremental changes in the right direction, I regather my hope. And the call is always to advocate and fight. Yet, to date, even in the light of such positive change, no attorney seems to be willing to take on these causes, and like most S.O.’s I am underemployed and financially desperate all the time. So how might we fight when we are locked out of the system that is obviously driven by cash motives? The state will fight long, hard, and even dirty, and attorney’s charge and charge in response.
I have a great ex post facto claim on Colorado, according to one of your recent podcast guests, and this ruling seems to reinforce that I should be relieved of the added (lifetime) registration that was once only 10 years. But no one will take it on without a sufficient war chest to fund the fight. What can we do in reality that would help at all? Other than continue to cry out to a public that doesn’t want to hear it?
I have always tried to view my consequences as a social obligation, like paying taxes, but no other social obligation that I am aware of changes continuously and only in a negative direction, until there comes a time when any partially fair minded person has to admit that things are out of proportion. But there is scarcely and public outcry that is not one of the lepers or their family. So…what can/must we do? If not for NARSOL, no one would really know what we go through.