Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


Hello beautiful people I have read some of the stories very sad. I’m not on the list, but my true love is his case really was screwd and accused by his niece spent 10yrs in prison the rest probation, well I moved to NC and he got me and kids a house made hisself homeless I got sick didnt know my children called him, and its sad when a family member turn you in anyway je got arrested I was able to get him out a few days later he had to take me to hospital amd we have been going back and fourth to court, now he’s looking at time and Im disabled and have no family. I do have 2 more children at home.I really think its bad when accused and didn’t do, to be a older man with a younger girl amd she sneaking with him is wrong for him or any person on this list or to be on the list, I didnt know it would be this hard being in love with someone on this dumb list, but I’m in for the long run and I know he’s telling me the truth.At lot of things you can’t do is crazy like you cant go to church😱all people not bad and most have been lied on!! I wish I could have his case reopend. God Bless You All