Reply To: Robin Vander Wall: A life not destroyed


I found your comment about being a “token” very interesting. I assume by that you are the token former sex offender (SO), and not merely a token felon. It sounds like you have a wonderful opportunity to educate the staff at Just Leadership USA. I’d bet that most of them are not aware of SO recidivism statistics, the diversity of SO offenses and offenders, or the adverse effects of the registry on society.

As drug offenders were after the 1970’s Rockefeller drug laws, SO’s are today’s “target of opportunity” for fear mongering politicians, ambitious prosecutors and an uneducated public. How did that drug hysteria work out for us? We ended up with draconian crack and marijuana laws, that contributed mightily to the over-incarceration problem we see today.

Those at Just Leadership USA need to understand that reforming sex offense prosecutions, and eliminating the registry are absolutely consistent with that organization’s goals. Indeed, meeting those goals may not be possible without reforming sex offense laws.