Reply To: Are you sure you heard what you thought you heard?

Seth Hodges

I don’t completely disagree with you. The current S.O. and registry laws were made for white people as a means to keep the prison industry going strong. Such measures aren’t necessary to keep those of color locked up. A simple marijuana possession charge will get a Black man 10 years in some states. People of color already make up 65% percent of the prison population, yet they are less than 20% of the national population when we combine both Black and Latino. Every time someone goes prison, someone else gets richer, and that is why the registry laws are designed to be very difficult to stay in compliance with.

Now where I disagree with you. I assure you that most people of color consider their children most precious too, and would do anything for them. And, I am well aware of plenty of white people who are abusive and neglectful parents. Please don’t buy into the false narratives and stereotypes about people of color. They are completely false.