Reply To: Are you sure you heard what you thought you heard?



With the exception of #8, these are all things that I have heard from FDLE. During the Lunsford case, Mark Lunsford stated #8, which caught on in Florida, even though child porn was found on his computer

1. If it saves just 1 child it is ALL worth it is a matter of public record
3.The public has a right to know.
4.What if YOU had a kid?
5.Children are our most precious resources.
6.I would want to know if a sex offender lived next to me
7.It’s only a matter of time before they reoffend
8.The only good sex offender is a dead sex offender
9.No lawmaker wants to appear soft on sex offenders(even though they know it’s b.s.)
10.Our office has no sympathy for sex offenders.