Reply To: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster

Mr. steve

There is absolutely no law in Tennessee authorizing or ordering “operation blackout”. The sex offender registry does not place restrictions on Halloween. This whole dog and pony show is choreographed solely by the ever more powerful tdoc, and there is NO policy on it…none. Don’t believe me, ask your parole officer for the policy on Halloween rules. Also, the state Dept in TN does not post sex offender policies on state dept website nor are they available for public inspection as is mandated in TN law, the uniform administrative procedures act, tca 4-5-101 et seq. The whole thing is illegal and I am putting the works together to challenge the whole thing as it pertains to me, a SO subject to CSL. If you’re interested in joining or helping drop a line to my email at longrichard 360 at gmail dot com