Reply To: Skanazy, NARSOL tell Patch, “Quit printing those maps!”


George S

It is funny all these idiots are scared of Sex Offenders on Holloween, it like it is a special holiday that sex offenders can go on the rampage, lol. Of all the ones I met in prison, no one was in there for a sex crime committed on Holloween. Anytime I bring up the fact to someone that the statistics show that the recidivism rate is extremely low for convicted sex offenders, they always have some stupid excuse to rationalize it away, “things like statistics can be faked”, but my question while they can be faked don’t you think that Law Journals and Law schools Law Reviews, if they to print something, they would make sure it is valid before they print it, I mean they have a reputation to uphold. Well enough of my raving, I hate Holloween, because of all it represents for a SO, be glad when it is over! I think that to be fair the Police should have printed in all the papers across the US, HEADLINE NO SEX OFFENCES COMMITTED AGAINST CHILDREN ON THIS HOLLWEEN! unless they found some, but be willing to bet it would be first time offenders rather than ones who are on the registry. I will be willing to put $100 on that, who wants to take my bet, lol!