Reply To: NARSOL in Vancouver at ATSA conference


Here’s my suggestion. There are a lot of people that are unaware of the laws and situation SO are facing on a day to day basis. It seems to me that commercials with the in your face approach would be more beneficial than in a room full of people that already know what’s going on. These smear campaigns for our wonderful politicians seem to catch the viewers eyes. Can you imagine how many eyes commercials for RSOs would catch. They would be kind of forced to listen and it’s possible the more people who don’t know of our plight may listen with an open mind. It’s at least worth a try. Start a commercial fund and get this on television. Let those know that are clueless there are places to donate to that can support either cause. NARSOL or more air time for public information and these ridiculous laws. Educate a much larger viewing audience could bring alot more money and could have more people joining in for the cause. Maybe do like public TV does where they have a drive on TV to get the public to donate so that station can stay on the air. I believe that the more information that’s put out to the public instead of a web site where it’s limited, the better response NARSOL and its affiliates may get.