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Determined Wife

All I have to say is that you look at the phrase “Criminal History” and that’s what it should be……HISTORY. It’s in the past. What matters most of all is who you are now and how you are living your life now in the present and future. I would love to see the registry go away. They dont have a registry for murderers, arsonists, thieves or assaults. All this does is put a target on the backs of those who have served their term in prison and can’t protect themselves cause they can’t own a gun. I mean I want to know it a drug dealer lives by my house cause I don’t want them coming up to my kids trying to sell to them. Even prostitutes aren’t on the sex offenders registry. Do the crime….serve the time…..but get back in society as a free man. Ehhh I don’t see that here. Truth is is if someone is truly “sick” they will reoffend within 10 years. Why not make the law to register for police only…..not public for 10 years. After that all is expunged from all public records and including government documents.