Reply To: NARSOL in Vancouver at ATSA conference

Phys Ed

As a non-violent, non-contact former offender with no identifiable victims on his judgement papers, and with personal experience of “treatment” involving polygraph questions like “Have you stopped forcing people to have sex?” I can only think of Eric Hof’s observation so many years ago and how succinctly it describes the sex offender treatment cottage in these United States.
“When a great cause becomes a movement, it then becomes a business and then degenerates into a racket.”
The “great cause” of course is to “let us do something for the poor sex offenders we throw in jail, let us treat them, get their heads right, and then release them. And then of course GO ON treating them for years and bleeding them of any cash they might have to get up to any mischief through endless expensive “group” meetings followed by endless polygraph readings at 360 dollars a pop. In “group”, of course, we can interrogate these dangerous people whose recidivism rate is so “frightening and high” and make sure our legislatures pass enough Adam’s laws and Megan’s laws to keep these people out of the bushes near schools and kid places. Hof was right…it has long since become a “racket”.