Reply To: NARSOL in Vancouver at ATSA conference

Robert Herman

I am so glad that this organization exists. I wish I knew about it a few years ago. We have been fighting for years to get legal help for my son who many believe including Mrs. Kanker that he got a raw deal and should not be on tier one. The problem is we spoke to attorneys who say they can definitely get him off it based on what we showed them, but they want like 20,000 + dollars. I have tried everything to raise it but cannot not we barely survive now. I would sell my sole if I could to get this terrible thing off him, It has ruined so much of his life and he is not and never was any kind of molester. He is a good person. The parents of the girl did not press or want to press any charges.The police did nd they are the same dept I had filed complaints about. Have you ever heard of a bail being set at 100,000 for a tier one. Even the Bail Bond place thought he committed murder or something that it should never be that high.
I will Join Narsol nd when and if we get on our feet I will donate. Can we give time in lieu of money for now.