Reply To: Skanazy, NARSOL tell Patch, “Quit printing those maps!”


Here again… we witness the stupid saga continue. If you want to protect people on Halloween, then identify people who drink and drive. Identify common crimes that occur on Halloween. This is not the 1 day out of the year “sex offenders” choose to commit their crimes. Are we as a people really this ignorant. Interestingly enough, on the state level, most registries strictly prohibit the use of the registry to harass or create problems on the registry with civil and criminal penalty for doing so. What I don’t understand is why the sex offenders or at least the people on the registry not have this publication charged for harassment, and communicating threats and causing criminal activity for causing harm to the people on the registry. I mean, is it any different to say or insinuate that everyone on the registry is out to scoop up your kid. IF (emphasis added) NARSOL would start taking people to court for using the registry to harass people, and create a class action for all on the registry, and sue stupid people for the harm they invoke from the registry, then you would see this stuff stopped with the registry period. Lions Tigers and Bears… oh my!