Reply To: Are you sure you heard what you thought you heard?


The good and bad of everything is a conception of the mind and how the ear or eye justifies the input. I could say the polygraph test I took today was bad when they ask me a question do I masterbate. So whats good about government today than. Are they just a bunch of tricky dicky aregont snobs.

We all have our good days and bad, While NARSOL present good articles and is separate from registry matters one should listen to the podcast with open “EARS” and understand that this is not about politics but it seems that when one is caught up in this sexual type abuse scandle that that are some issues that borderline on a bit of the political arena. This whole thing is about Justice and fair and true justice for all. Maybe we should talk about polygraph tests and soe of the crazy things they can bring up with a yes or no answer or does everyone lie today.

So whats good and what’s bad can only be precieved by the hearer. Is it good to drink alcohol before taking such a test or popping pills. Authorities are not sensible, about the only sinsible thing is the money and they couldn’t care one less about trying to mess with someones mind to trap one up. I believe I commented to that podcast and and I couldn’t believe that some said it seems NARSOL is getting a bit into political matters. Hey whatever it takes to wake up some of these politicians I’m all for it. As far as the podcast goes it is seperate from NARSOL but it does have its points I’m sure.