Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief to Supreme Court, joins another

King Alexander

I am very hopeful that the Supreme Court will see fit to grant certiorari in the Bethea case. That Emory Law scholars sought out NARSOL for its imprimatur on an amicus brief is auspicious for the organization, and that Prof. Ilya Shapiro filed an amicus brief for the Cato Institute also goes far to show that serious constitutional scholars have begun to take the civil liberties of registered persons seriously. I’m also glad to hear from Robin that Justice Kavanaugh is a close follower of Prof. Eugene Volohk’s blog.

I suggest rebelling against being called presently kind of a “sex offender,” conviction notwithstanding. I am reminded of President Clinton’s much-repeated remark in his civil deposition, “it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” What he meant was, “If you’re saying _now_, the answer is no.” Let’s encourage use of the phrase “a person who is required to register.”