Reply To: Skanazy, NARSOL tell Patch, “Quit printing those maps!”



As a person who used to be on the Patch list, every time around this year I was terrified because I knew the list was coming out. In fact, I could notice an uptick in “dirty looks” and so on from folks around the downtown area in my place where I live. And now that I am no longer on the Reg in my State (did my 10 years on it)but the articles from previous Patch years on Halloween still remain as links searchable on Google and Bing.

The Patch refuses to remove the links despite my petitions and there is no way to call someone at The Patch. I wrote emails to the owners of The Patch who own it nationally, and no response. I wrote the local editor and he gave me a inbox address to send my request to, but there is no feedback mechanism and no one to contact at that “department”.

I have some pretty choice words for these folks at The Patch, but I am sure I would be placed in cuffs if I said them. This LIST does nothing but bring a sense of fear to the RC’s on it and contributes to the incorrect public view of us as “Ghouls” and Predators.

Screw The Patch-and that’s the most calm way I can say it.