Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief to Supreme Court, joins another



To me, I want to send out congrats on the movement to settle this so battle once and for all. The government is a corrupt organization all together because it’s about money and power. To me sex offender registry is NAZI Germany all over. Also I see that states are using us as a HATE CRIME against one kind. We should sue the states for putting us at large of being singled out. I’m in PA, I’m very fortunate that I had a good Parole Officer, I got my life back, got a great job, just bought my own house and just got a new vehicle. I also got two great attorneys that are a phone call away in case I experience any back lash from the police. I was a 10 year registration, then went to life, then to 25yr, and now back to 10yr. I take fight to anything that legislation might throw out there. You must have attorneys that will fight. My crime involved an internet sting by the AG of PA. I cant understand how cops or investigators can lie under oath on legal paperwork that they assume identity of a minor, that’s pure falsification. Also with internet stings they are violating terms and service agreement with the provider if you read the print. What a shame to prosecute people for money and labels. What I do believe is the Megan’s Law in any state is a HATE CRIME because we are the only ones labeled and forced do obey their laws if not we get punished again. My question to Megan’s Law is that, isn’t this double jeopardy clause for the fact it stems from the first conviction, where the states just pushes the Megans Law, then that turns into a new crime code its self. The states should be held reliable for a HATE CRIME not safety. If anyone wants to get in touch with me let me know.