Reply To: Victim shaming is not a winning strategy


Questions: Is it okay for a prison guard to have “consensual sex” with an adult inmate? Is it okay for a teacher to have “consensual sex” with an adult student? Is it okay for a psychiatrist to have “consensual sex” with an adult patient?

Answers: No, to all. All are illegal, and all can be charged as rape. The inmate, student, and patient are all subordinate to their sexual partners in these scenarios and could fear reprimand (or in the case of the patient, emotional abuse) for not returning any amorous advances. Most major corporations have rules against fraternization for that very reason, as do most government positions. Without such rules there are far too many opportunities to victimize someone, say an intern, who is simply trying to further their career.

Now it is certainly possible that that woman, Miss Lewinski, genuinely wanted to polish ole’ slick Willy’s knob and to offer her lady parts as a humidor. But desire isn’t really the key here. It’s about authentic consent, and authentic consent cannot really be attained when there is such an imbalance of power. A case could certainly be made that Clinton leveraged his power over her into a few sexual favors, and if he’s good (and we all know how charismatic he could be) he can even convince her that’s what she wanted. We sex offenders do it almost every time. It’s called grooming.

And just for the record: I’ve always considered myself conservative, a republican 100%. Don’t care too much for liberals, personally. They are too intolerant for my taste.