Reply To: Cato Inst. files amicus brief to Supreme Court in ex post facto case


I want to thank everyone fighting this cause and the people behind it supporting it. I’m a SO from PA and I take fight to anything that legislation might throw out there. You must have attorneys that will fight as I got two of them and I dont rest until I get answers. My crime involved an internet sting by the AG of PA. I cant understand how cops or investigators can lie under oath on legal paperwork that they assume identity of a minor, that’s pure falsification. Second if anyone looks at AG precutrials they violated it in many ways. Also with internet stings they are violating terms and service agreement with the provider if you read the print. What a shame to prosecute people for money and labels. What I do believe is the Megan’s Law in any state is a HATE CRIME because we are the only ones labeled and forced do obey their laws if not we get punished again. The states should be held reliable for a HATE CRIME not safety. If anyone wants to get in touch with me let me know.