Reply To: Cato Inst. files amicus brief to Supreme Court in ex post facto case


I just can’t seem to wrap my head around how law canbe made and upheld on falsehoods. I was convicted in 2014 of a sex offense. Got out in 2017. Yes the punishment starts when released couldn’t have worded it better. This entire system is a farce. It’s a political tool. I’m in a heated battle with the IDOC in regards to my special conditions. I’m to have no contact with minors unless approved by po not even my blood (crime didn’t involve a minor) that’s just one of the conditions I’m challenging. There’s about 8 more that have no tangible correlation to my underlying criminal offense. Even in the face of numerous supreme court rulings telling the IDOC that there are tests that must be passed to validate special conditions. And that if they fail to meet even 1 of those tests the conditions are invalid. They still refuse to take them off. I’ve had to
relationships/friendships chased away with threats of child endangerment charges(no minor victim). How can one successfully reintegrate back into society which is the creed of corrections when we’re being forced into seclusion. Also get this during my revocation proceeding my attorney subpoenas my entire record. Upon review of assessments done on me i find fraudulent information being used to make sure i get the highest risk score possible. Was giving the max on one part because po checked i had an escape history. The very next page is my criminal history and escape history says none. I was released 11/17/17 started work on 11/28/17 would’ve started earlier but for Thanksgiving. At that job pulling 48 hrs a week. Dec assessment on employment checked unsatisfactory or unemployable. I hope change starts to happen soon. I feel for anyone going thru this. Also once sentenced there’s suppose to be an assessment done to determine wher wether you need treatment. Which would suggest there are some who wouldn’t right. I would love to meet those individuals but I’m pretty sure they don’t exist. It’s a one size fits all. This isn’t a safety issue though with some it could be but the majority it’s not. The numbers speak for themselves and the problem with that is those aren’t the numbers being used to make these decisions. Recidivism among sex offenders are the lowest of any other crime.