Reply To: Cato Inst. files amicus brief to Supreme Court in ex post facto case


No one tells us anything so we don’t know if the laws are new or old. When we opened our doors, to be approved. We were denied the first time, this was because someone came when we were away. We asked for another chance which we passed with flying colors. We were made to sign papers, none were left for us to review. The one thing that I do remember being said was no alcohol or firearms in the house. We asked why are we being punished. They did not look at this that way is all of what we were told. We just had to agree. So if my grandson case is like the one above why is the restrictions no alcohol and no firearms when this was not even part of the case? There is so much wrong with every part of this! It is like a nightmare that never ends. So is Nyquil zzz considered alcohol because this was the only thing that may have showed up in his urine when they wist him away. It is 10 days now and I haven’t heard a thing from him. So when people tell me that the laws are right. I am ready to fight!