Reply To: Cato Inst. files amicus brief to Supreme Court in ex post facto case


As I have said before, the real punishment begins AFTER you get out of prison/jail. In prison, you eat the same food the other inmates do, you use the same facilities the other inmates do, you watch the same television programs the other inmates do, and there is no differentiation between you and the other felons. You are all treated the same regardless of your crime by the prison system.
BUT……….when you get out……… face a world of restrictions, you are placed on the registry so your name, address, vehicle, license plate number, place of work, and school you attend are available to anyone just by typing in your name, and then you are socially hated, shunned, and scorned. Some people who knew you for years all of the sudden when they find out turn their backs on you and hate you regardless how close you were to them as friends.
Even some people who know you very personally do not want to associate with you because they don’t want to be known associating with a sex offender even though they know in their heart you are no danger to them or anyone else.
People don’t want to hire you because the company name will appear on the registry and they don’t want their reputation to be tarnished by hiring a sex offender.
If you were convicted after 2006, you cannot live within 1000 feet or more of a school.
Some recreation facilities will not allow you to enter and/or become a member denying you of access to physical fitness equipment for health and well being.
You have to register periodically in person and hope your job schedule allows you time off to do it, or be arrested and get sent back to prison.
You can’t even vacation in a neighboring county or state for more than 5 days (Megan’s Law) without registering in that County/State or get arrested and sent back to prison. So much for that nice honeymoon when you get married.
And if you do get married or are already married, she has to share the burden of your restrictions, bans, social hatred, etc. along with you and face the fear that further restrictions and burdens may be placed upon you that will affect her as well.
She also has to face being shunned because she married a sex offender.
You are also subject to being a victim of false police reports, and this happens a lot!
You, your house, your vehicle, and yes, even your spouse are always in constant danger of assault, property damage, and even deep emotional damage all due to the registry!!!!!!
The real punishment is out here, not in prison.