Reply To: A not-so-surprising consequence of sexual hysteria: presumed guilt

Andy Hudak III

Of course…I am saying that the issue of false accusations and the Kavanaugh hearing were apples and oranges. The fact is that it is absolutely horrible when anyone is falsely accused, but this Kavanaugh thing was NOT a case of presumed guilt by many … it was a case of a fake investigation where the president lied about not limiting it, so he could put in his man.
ISN”T EVERYONE HEREIN, NO MATTER WHAT “SIDE” YOU WERE ON, INTERESTED IN A FULL INVESTIGATION FOR SOMEONE WHO WILL LIVE ON THE PUBLIC’S MONEY FOR A LIFETIME INTERESTED IN A COMPLETE INVESTIGATION? IF NOT, WHY NOT? This was a set up sham to confirm someone that had lied under oath, with no attempt to properly investigate. (AND the focus on solely on the sexual harassment, rather than a future Supreme Court Judge perjuring himself under oath multiple times is disgusting)
I support NARSOL’s work on the harm the registry does, but not when there is this conflation of a legitimate issue like presumed guilt with the lack of any will to find out the truth in a Supreme court hearing.
Besides, it also needs to be said that in the overwhelming amount of cases of sexual charges, the person IS guilty.
That doesn’t make it any less worse when someone IS falsely accused, and the penalties SHOULD be enforced (they are not!) when someone does accuse falsely, but credibility and issues are diluted and lost when we mix up issues, and do not keep an accurate context.