Reply To: Cato Inst. files amicus brief to Supreme Court in ex post facto case



I know a number of SO’s that are conservative in their thinking and support conservative causes. I keep telling them that voting this way hurts your cause in reference to registration. They disagree believing that a conservative approach would render a strike down of registration laws because they are clearly unconstitutional. Good luck with that. The original Suprem Court case involving a registratant from Alaska was upheld calling these laws civil penalties was clearly erroneous but the Court sided with the states and against the individuals affected. The conservative Court will side with the State law again. Be careful what you wish for. The Supreme Court will find some “reasoning” to support the laws and the enactment of the laws because the majority of the people in this country hate sex offenders and what their crimes mean to society. Just ask John Walsh and his fellow crusaders. One of whom is an a former Congressman and a “unregistered and unconvivted” sex offender who was a co-sponser of SORNA. Just saying.