Reply To: Cato Inst. files amicus brief to Supreme Court in ex post facto case


This is the best news I’ve read yet. I hope its successful. I have endured 22 yrs of this nightmare with same exact circumstances as Anthony Bethea. I was 19 she was 15, non forcible, non violent, consensual contact. I was on vacation in WI. Lived my whole life in FL. WI didn’t even have registration laws in 1996 when I plead no contest, got probation and that’s it. After the fact WI enacted retroactive registration laws that at first I was to register for 15 yrs. They changed that to now its life registration. WI is a walk in the park though for registration. I get a letter once a year to verify my address. FL, has gotten worse and worse over 22 yrs. Now I get physical address verification in person quarterly, i’m an offender, not a predator. I have to reregister in person twice a year. And if I buy/ sell anything, go on vacation or basically want to do anything I have to go visit the sheriff. It’s so horrible I’ve lost jobs, denied jobs, been given 24 hrs to move outside of restricted zones in Gainesville, fl. And I would qualify under romeo juliet act in FL but convicted in WI and the age gap is just outside of WI rules. All this when I plead no contest, registration laws didn’t exist. Otherwise I wouldn’t of taken the plea deal. I’m disgusted, and worse, FL rules say even if WI were to release me from registration if I fight them, FL won’t, and i’m stuck registering in FL for life even if I move out of state. How is that possible if i wasn’t even convicted in FL?! So if i move out i still have to deal with FL or get a warrant for arrest for not replying to FL?! THIS IS ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL!