Reply To: Victim shaming is not a winning strategy



I agrree that victim shaming is not ok. Its wrong. It’s repugnant; but no less morally wrong then shaming a potentially innocent person, and their family with a heinous crime.

This article is particularly relevant now due in large part to perceived treatment that Dr. Ford has experienced. And, she has been treated disrespectfully. O agree. And, I would argue so has the accused this having not been addressed criminally…even still now.

My apology to anyone I’ve offended by my view, but my thought is still that…as hard as it may be…allegations such as these warrant difficult questions to both sides. Additionally, and while perhaps statistically less (I’m not sure yet) false accusations of this magnitude can destroy people and families on both sides.

For the most part, I agree with the articles premise. But the issue I had, is that this same premise is currently being used by movements that suggest we void the concept of innocence until proven guilty. Neither Fred nor Sandy suggested that, but often this is where the direction of such articles by some groups are ultimately steering. And that, to me is particularly concerning.

I have no idea if Dr Fords allegations are correct. Other than gut feelings, I don’t know if anyone does. But, I do know in the words of Carl Sagen, “Remarkable events require remarkable evidence”. In other words, I’m very sorry, but allegations of such a heinous crime in my opinion may require scrutiny of the accuser’s and accused’s events – especially when theres little more than an accusation 36 years later at arguably a very political moment in history – accompanied by tough, hard, and uncomfortable questions. And, that in my oppinion is an essential constitutional right of anyone accused of a profoundly life affecting crime. Perhaps this isn’t a capital crime, but we all here especially know it comes with lifelong consequences.

Meanwhile, still no charges with police have been filed almost 4 decades later…by any – still not a single one – of the accusers, for which apparently Kavanaugh has a clear propensity for only sexually assaulting those of the female Democratic party persuasion It warants scrutiny and very difficult questions in my opinion on both sides, and if that’s considered shaming…my apologies.