Reply To: Cato Inst. files amicus brief to Supreme Court in ex post facto case


Well written. I pray SCOTUS grants cert.

Further, thank you to NARSOL and all their staff for their hard work and efforts in bringing these kind of cases to justice.

I’m not always, in every case, in complete agreement with all views NARSOL presents. As some may recall, the recent article regarding victim shaming, I don’t agree fully with all that was written but I respect, support and fully agree that everyone has a view. My sincere apology to anyone that felt offended based on my view with that regard. I am especially passionate in defending the innocent, both victims and the accused. I wasn’t always.

Our society, at this time, in my view has taken a particular interest in being more sensitive to accusers than accuses and if my opposing view offended any of you, I’m very sorry. FRED, in particular I apologize; I did try and submit a response first where Stated that you were not suggesting any of thr points I addressed, but I felt compelled to address them as many organized groups were. I in no way meant to offend you, Sandy, or NARSOL
but felt it important that we all know where we ultimately stand. My particular view was not influenced by my own case, but rather the defense of those who have, and might clearly be undeserving of what we face everyday, if in fact they are truley innocent.

With regards to this article, your efforts, and your keeping us informed, thank you.