Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief to Supreme Court, joins another



What the public and/or society need to see is that the actual rescidivism rate for a sex offender is less than 5%. They need to see the facts!!! Also, they need to come to their own conclusions. You cannot escape your own conclusion. If the rescidivism rate was high as some talk-show hosts, media programs, and so-called newscasts were true, the news, as it is so-called, would be overwhelmed with sex offenders who re-offendeded, but it isn’t. So ask the question if the rescidivism rate is supposedly so high, why isn’t the news overloaded with sex offenders who re-offended??
Not in any way to justify sex offenses or lessen their impact on victims, but drug dealers have the highest rescidivism rate of ALL criminals and their offenses affect far more people on a larger scale and people are dying left and right from the drugs they are selling. Drug dealers are in essence guilty of attempted murder.
In the Columbus newspaper it was written in 2016 ‘An average of 11 people died each day in 2016 from heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil or other drugs.’ That’s an average of 4,016 people a year!!
In Cuyahoga County alone this year there have been 367 deaths from fentanyl and 329 deaths from cocaine!!
But, only 1 combination rape and murder reported in Cleveland for 2017, that’s right, only 1.
That’s almost 700 illegal drug deaths to 1 sex offense death!!!
Society and Lawmakers are hating on the criminals with the lowest rescidivism rate while those with the highest rescidivism rate and atrociously cause the highest amount of death are relatively overlooked.
When someone has been raped or sexually abused, they have a chance to recover and lead a normal or close to normal life, but someone who has died from an overdose from heroin or some other illegal drug bought from a dealer has NO chance to recover-it’s GAME OVER!
No more dad, no more mom, no more brother or sister-they are gone FOREVER!!!
So why aren’t drug dealers forced to register when the drugs they illegally sell kill tremendously far more people and affect far more families and individuals than sex-offenders??
If you have children, wouldn’t you like to know if a drug dealer was living next to you??