Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief to Supreme Court, joins another

Joseph Park

Your probation officer or parole officer feels it is his or her duty to knock your legs out from under you every time you try to recover from your ordeal at the hand of the government. As long as the sex offender registry lives, you will never have paid your “debt to society.” The U.S. Constitution supposedly guarantees the right to be let alone by the government. But, the government uses your past crime to say NEVER will I let you alone.

I can see how the government can prohibit certain things like the possession of firearms by convicted felons. That is the government telling you what you cannot do. What I can’t see is the government telling you things that you MUST DO. Our rights are based on the precept that anything not prohibited is lawful. It would make more sense if the government prohibited sex offenders from refraining to stay in your home without visiting the sheriff’s office for the 72 hours preceding your birthday.

The sex offender registry is the root of all our problems. We must get rid of it if we are ever to be free.