Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief to Supreme Court, joins another

Robert Steele

My alleged crime (early 1982) happened nearly 40 years ago when I was 20 and I am now almost 60. In a few days, I will have reached the 2-year mark- I was given an immediate release from the BOP on an unconstitutional (U.S. 922(g) ‘ACCA’) 35-year federal sentence. However, that immediate release came at a high price! I served 25 1/2 years on that sentence. Meaning: I served 20 years above my sentence, but that wasn’t enough for them. Shortly after my release to 3 years supervised release, my federal supervised release officer made me register as ‘SO’ under the threat of being violated and charged with non-compliance (felony) for a conviction many years ago. It just shuck me to my core because all of my state and federal crimes happened long before any federal or state ‘SOR’ laws existed. Now, each day of freedom I live has become an invisible chain. Always having to spy over my shoulder or look before I step or drive. So many ‘SO’s’ have already been extorted, robbed, verbally/physically assaulted, maimed, or right out murdered as a result of all their ‘personal’ (esp. their home address) info posted on these Sheriffs Departments ‘SOR’ websites all across America. Each Congressperson (whether state or federal) who legislated, supported and voted the enactment of ‘SORNA’ and the Law Enforcement Agencies that enforce this nefarious ‘SOR’ are just as culpable and guilty as the persons who committed crimes against people placed on their ‘SOR’s’ website. On all their websites, they post their disclaimer: cannot be civilly or criminally charged for carrying out their ‘SOR’ law in ‘GOOD FAITH.’ And here is the kicker for me: the Sherriff Department tells me I am on the lower end of the ‘SOR’ and do not have any restriction. But overlooks the fact, they have me registering for life. Yet, they have the nerve to call themselves the good guys or upstanding members of the community. They all, for the most part, profess to be Christians or members of a church and either dont practice it or pervert it, just like they are doing to the CONSTITUTUON.