Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief to Supreme Court, joins another


That the registry was “never meant to be punitive” is the biggest lie ever told in the history of American jurisprudence. It was designed from the ground up to ensure we NEVER have ANY SEMBLANCE of a normal peaceful life.

Judges have been so dishonest on the bench and the following quote proves they are just as personally biased against us as is much of the public at large!

“One of Will’s activities outside the courtroom is helping communities build parks in locations that use state law to keep sexual predators from moving into the neighborhood. Will led the effort to build the first one in his own neighborhood”

When a sitting judge has been instrumental in building small parks or playgrounds in his own and other communities FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF KEEPING SEX OFFENDERS FAR AWAY that speaks volumes of their dishonest, totally DISHONORABLE character….and then they put on a robe, sit on a bench in judgment of others and call themselves “The HONORABLE….” Yeah, right!!!!