Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief to Supreme Court, joins another


In reference to:
“Appeals unanimously held that there was no ex post facto violation because the N.C. Legislature never intended for the sex offender registry to be punitive and that the effects of the law are not punitive.”
Of course it is easy for the legislators to say they did not “intend” for the registry to be punitive, just as it is easy for them to say the effects of the law are not punitive, especially since they themselves do not have to suffer from the effects of being on the registry as a sex offender!
They certainly intended it to be punitive, and they know that it is punitive, just like any reasonable person can see that it is punitive.
However, as long as society continues to support the false narrative that all sex offenders are evil predators who are more than likely to reoffend, then there will continue to be little public concern for sex offenders suffering from any punitive effects of being on the registry.