Reply To: Victim shaming is not a winning strategy


@Developing an effective strategy for FTR defence is key!
How does a man approach when accused of harmful act.. Felony harm?
Plea or trial? Innocence projects are already here. So the guilty by admission suffer the same effects, yet do not gather in protest. Is there some chilling effect in play and NARSOL suffers by the same means. Does NARSOL intend to seriously confront those who limit its speech efforts toward the public in general?

The politicians often claim offenders created their own market via their individual behavior this justifying policy like SOR. The policy fails because it describes the done (conviction & grade) but leans too much on the abstract notion of the term ” registrant” itself. The label implies pathology that doesn’t actually exist everytime. In short the sex offender is a social stereotype, yet includes a myriad of behaviors, ironically some that do not necessarily include sexual motive, kidnapping for ransom or parental right. Taken together it exposes the underlying real purpose of database construction more for political security and profitability than to assist the people who misuse of the electronic lists (registries by definition, but acts like indentured to property ” to do murder Or vigilantism.

My point is our leadership built it, the people follow.